Posh Product Review: Sesame

Sesame, candyhouse.co

Connected Smart Lock for your Deadbolts by Candyhouse

We all live very busy lives.  Our kids, their friends are in and out of our houses.  If we are lucky enough, we also use services to walk our dogs or clean our houses while we are at work.  How do we give access and monitor our houses to all of these visitors using our smart phones?  We can buy an expensive smart lock or use a device that works with our existing locks.

We scoured the world and found a top notch company for you based out of the UK.  Candy House now sells its product Sesame in the US.  We received our test copy from them for free but, you can buy one from Amazon for $149.99. 

Sesame’s product fits all deadbolts manufactured for the US market.  The product envelopes the deadbolt and open/close the deadbolt using a software application from your smart phone.  Let’s first talk about the security of their software.  The company uses military grade encryption to keep the bad guys out.  We received a white colored sample but, the company provides 2 additional colors – black and salmon.  The time it took for us to open the box and set it up to be used with our deadbolt took us less than 10 minutes.  This time also includes downloading the required software to our Android phone.  Company also has their software available for iPhones.  During our test, we were able to lock and unlock our deadbolt using Sesame.  We gave access to another cell phone in our possession and revoked it with ease.  We also received notifications when the door was accessed by others.  Sesame is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your homes’ existing locks.  Posh Products tested and recommended.