Posh Product Reviews: Injinji

Injinji, www.injinji.com

Performance Toe Socks

If you think that Toe Socks are just for little cute girls, think again.  They now make them for adult men and women.  They are comfortable, stylish, functional and yes cute.  I bought two pairs and tested them during 2 hours of grueling Orange Fitness Theory classes.  Here is what I found out.

I bought one pair of Run Lightweight No-Show and another pair of Run Original Weight Mini-Crew socks.  No-Show as the name suggests is a low profile sock that rests below the ankle while the Mini-Crew is slightly higher than the sides of your shoes.  They both feel light to touch and I put them on with ease including getting my toes into the correct 5 toe sleeves.

I bought the socks because I had suffered from blisters around my toes due to frequent and rigorous workouts.  Injinjis provide restriction free movement and eliminates skin on skin friction which causes blisters.  The fiber material used keeps the feet dry and the heel tab is placed to eliminate chafing and sliding of the socks into your shoes.  Manufacturer recommends washing the socks in cold water followed by line drying.  We bought ours directly from the merchant’s web site for $12 and $14 each.  They are not priced low but, I think they are worth the price you will pay for them.  PoshProducts tested and recommended.