Posh Product Reviews: OmieBox Bento

OmieBox Bento, www.omielife.com

Lunch Box With Insulated Thermos For Kids

The only lunch box that our kid keeps bringing back from school

It is the same story every year with our kids.  We buy new lunch boxes at the beginning of the year.  We write their name on it and three weeks into the school year the lunch box is somehow lost.  We can’t find it in the lost and found among hundreds of other identical lunch boxes.  We also use our Tupperware from kitchen to pack salads with dressing or soups.  They all go to Tupperware heaven and never come back home again.

OmieBox solved these problems with their insulated Thermos Lunch Box.  It comes with leak proof seal for your food items containing liquid, a stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos with a twist of lid and a removable divider to separate your fruit from crackers or cheese etc.  They are available in three colors that include pink, green and blue.  I can almost guarantee that your child will be the only one at school with this lunch box and it will be brought back home.  We bought ours from Amazon for $39.50.   Posh Products tested and recommended.