Posh Seven Magazine | Back to School Issue | Aug. – Sept. 2018

It is 2018 and another summer has come to an end and back to school we go. I always get emotional when the school year begins but this year I am especially melancholic. My eldest, my son, my first born is a senior in high school. He is getting ready to leave the nest. I am very happy for him and yet I feel as though my chest is being crushed every time I imagine him gone. I can’t let him go. I am not ready. He is still that 4 year old climbing on me, telling me how much he loves me, singing Johnny Cash songs strumming his toy guitar, serenading me in the car with an aria from Il Pagliaccio. I remember the days where he would daily make me read one more page in his book, sing one more song, stay one more minute in the playground, swim one more lap around the pool… Now he is a senior, and I am the one begging…one more. Stay a little longer.

I am aware that kids are not ours to keep. They must grow with us, get the skills they need and be on their own journey before we care to admit it is time. It is their journey to live their best life, not our expectation of what is best for them. They come and fill us with joy, teach us about our own strengths and shortcomings, make us better people and move on to make their own mistakes and enjoy their own successes. I know all of this. Yet, I can’t accept it yet.

When I see young frazzled mothers on the street, I always want to pull them aside and advise them to let the kid steer the shopping cart although he is likely going to make a mess and they will issue many apologies to fellow shoppers. Let him ride on the germ ridden Barney ride until you run out of quarters. Let him run and chase him if you have to but let him be. Enjoy him, hug him, love him. Don’t pull him, don’t speak meanly to him, don’t raise your voice, don’t drag him, don’t get mad when he wants another glass of water at bedtime. Let him be a little boy and embrace every minute. Love every bath time. Listen to his endless chatter. He will soon grow so fast, you will beg for a few words just to connect with him when all he wants to do is go. He will demand his freedom. You will have no choice but to grant it.

The beauty is this…no matter how emotional I feel about my son growing, I am also so grateful that I raised a man. I enjoyed every minute of mothering him. I will miss him greatly but I am also very eager to see what he becomes when he is on his own. I trust him. I know he loves me as I love him even though sometimes it is conveyed through a grunt. I know it is there.

This issue is all about our kids, our lives as they go back to school and our struggles along the way. I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to follow us on social media so that we can hear you talk to us in real time. Tell us about your kids, your life, your feelings. We are your sisters!

To sisterhood,
Hulya Aksu,
Founding Publisher



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