Posh Seven Magazine | Best of Suburbia Issue 2020

Dear Posh Seven Readers,

In light of the changes that have been imposed on the entire world as a result of COVID-19, I stand with my local community and support the decisions taken by our government and the CDC to help protect our population by asking us to isolate socially. Sitting in my home with my family, keeping our distance, I had a lot of time to think about my life and community. I take great pride in being grateful and acknowledging my life’s gifts. I am lucky! I was born to the right family, not my choosing, right country, not my choice, and my body has served me in good health, again, lucky (some intervention but mostly luck). I have healthy kids and happy marriage and (too) many pets. With that said, I honestly didn’t realize how quickly everything in my life could change. In a blink of an eye, life as we know it, all of our plans have changed. No tournaments, so school, no work for some, and most importantly, our local economy is taking a colossal beating. It may take months to get back on track. I am heartbroken as I watch local business leaders try to hold things together, not let go of their teams, and continue to serve the community. It is now more important that we support each other. I have been chanting to buy local for years, and now I am shouting it. We must band together as a community and help foster our economy to good health.

Many of us are going to be making changes to our businesses, including us. We will cease distributing our magazine in public reading places as we have done for over 13 years. We will also bypass the mail system to ensure that your hands are the first touchpoint on our pages. We will hand-deliver our magazines directly to your home. We will not get every home in this county but encourage you to keep in touch with us for marked distribution points like Wegmans if we didn’t make it to your street. We ask you to take the magazines you touch. More changes to come, and we will band together and support each other as we learn to live this virus.

The Best of Suburbia Survey 2020 is here. Over 10,000 readers voted and you picked out the best of the best in the area. This wasn’t easy to do. We start this issue with the long-awaited winners for the Best of Suburbia Survey and move on to the Best Private Schools in the area. While we are there, we want to chat a little about vaping and momcations. Both important and both covered in this issue. Let’s not lose sight of what is new in Loudoun and what is a good travel destination. We did not forget about Summer Camps and we certainly didn’t leave out the best places to throw a wedding shower and a wedding. We also included an article discussing the new food delivery services in our area. Wow. What an issue?

We hope you enjoy this issue filled with amazing articles and relevant information. Posh Seven is here for you and is always listening to what you want us to talk about. So please don’t be a stranger. Email me directly with any and all of your feedback. I hope you have a wonderful Spring and blast into an amazing Summer. I wish you all the best and pray for you to be healthy.

To sisterhood,

Hulya Aksu

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Local Restaurant Delivery Services

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2020 Best Private Schools in the Area

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Best of Suburbia Finalists, The Best of the Rest

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