POSH SEVEN MAGAZINE: THE FALL ISSUE – 2017 Celebrating 10 Years of Doing Business

From our Publisher:

Hulya Aksu

It happened 10 years ago.
It was April 2007, I stepped out of the bathroom after taking a much needed shower while my husband was keeping our 5 year old son entertained and our newborn daughter off my boob for 10 minutes. I wasn’t happy with my pediatrician and I was complaining to my husband. We were new to the area and had recently made a big move from Atlanta to Centreville, and from Centreville to Ashburn a few years prior. Our community in Ashburn was rapidly growing and while I was trying to keep track of all the changes, I was falling behind. I wishfully told my husband how I wished someone would make a magazine for local moms that I could just pick up at the doctor’s office, hair salon or at Wegmans. If there was such a magazine, they would tell me where to go and who to see when I needed services or recommendations. Good idea right? My hubby thought so too. He thought it was such a good idea, he encouraged me to do the very thing I was wishing for. To keep a long story short, here we are, 10 years later. I am still publishing the magazine I wished for.

What a ride! What a time! What an experience! Posh Seven started out as Modern Mom, then became I AM Modern and finally found her name 3 years ago as Posh Seven, a lifestyle magazine for women who live in and around route seven. With a robust magazine that is published every other month, a popular website, an amazing social media following and our highly attended events, we redefined what a modern magazine for women was supposed to look and act like. A reader generated gem that featured hundreds of local businesses, women and always gave back to the community. We inspired, entertained, encouraged and even shocked you at times. We loved, we laughed, we cried, sometimes all at the same time while making each issue. Posh Seven and her readers mean the world to me and I am filled with tears every time I think about the beautiful people we had the privilege of meeting and the wonderful hearts we were able to connect with.

My small team and I thank you for following us through the years. We want to thank our advertisers for supporting us with their trust and we pledge to continue to serve you for another 10 years.

To sisterhood,
Hulya Aksu,
Founding Publisher
[email protected]



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