Posh Seven Magazine THE SPRING ISSUE April/May 2017

Dear Posh Seven “Sisters,”

I dedicate this April issue to sisters! I don’t mean only the biological sisters our parents gave us but also the “chosen sisters” who have become an integral part of our daily lives. Sisters enrich us, support us, cheer us on and tell us like it is when we need it most. Sisters are the women in our lives without whom we could not get through a single day (not without copious amounts of wine anyway). Let me tell you about my sister Nalan…

Nalan is my older sister and she is my lifeline. She has been there for me since, well…the very beginning of my 44 years on earth. But our bond really cemented when we both became mothers. Because Nalan was a few years ahead of me in parenting, she had already lived the troubles and joys I was facing when my children were young. Nalan always had useful advice to share and she always had my back. She still does! We talk every day, multiple times a day. Okay, if I’m being honest, we talk like 30 times a day!

Hulya and Nalan in China.

My sister and I often take trips together. Traveling with Nalan is almost magical. We like the same things, we get ready at the same time and we intuitively understand when the other is feeling off. We travel emotionally together too…we go to each other’s mammograms and we hold each other’s hand when things don’t go as planned in life. We also hug for joy when fabulous things happen to one another – or to both of us which is the best possible kind of joy.

Nalan is first person I call each day and the last person I text before hitting the sack each night. I am incredibly lucky to have such a strong bond with a woman whom I admire so much and who knows me so well.

This issue of the magazine honors all sisters out there – biological and chosen. Sisters make life a little easier to handle and well… a whole lot more fun!


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