Dear Posh Readers,

It is 2018 and we are celebrating the new year with our first issue centered around Health and Wellness. Anyone close to me will know that health and wellness are top on my priority list for my family and myself. Often though, I end up on the bottom of the to-do list. The struggle of being healthy and feeling well, inside and out, are definitely real for me. One could even classify it as a nightmare
on some days.

Most of the time, I get organized, take control over my body, workout and eat well…BUT THEN the moment Friday rolls around, I am tempted by the first suggestion. I fall right off the wagon…
only to regret it all and restart the “get healthy” campaign on the following Monday. It is an endless cycle of going nowhere and doing a lot to get there.

For that reason, I reached out to some local experts and moms that have some good tips and offerings that will make “sticking to it” easier for all of us. But if you DO feel like falling off, may I suggest
donuts? Is it me, or is there a donut war in Loudoun County? (I mentioned the circle of destruction earlier, right? The theme is explored in this issue too.) For those of you looking for help from deeper energy sources, beyond the gym or the mat, we have an expert you need to read about. She practices Reiki and helps with energy healing. If you are looking to live in a community that will inspire the health nut in you, you have to read the Most Progressive Builders and Communities segment.

I welcome you to 2018 and our February issue. I hope it will inspire you to stick to your health and wellness goals…BUT if you fall off the wagon here or there, know you are not alone. I am usually there, too, and I’m very willing to help you jump back on.

Love and sisterhood to all of our tribe,

Hulya Aksu Founding Publisher Posh Seven
Hulya Aksu
Founding Publisher
[email protected]