Primrose School of Ashburn

Loudoun County is host to a plethora of great schools and childcare options for your children. At Primrose School of Ashburn, your child will feel right at home among their friendly and nurturing staff. Stop by their Ashburn location for yourself to see if Primrose is right for your child.

The Primrose School of Ashburn
The Primrose School of Ashburn

About The Primrose Schools

The Primrose Schools is a nationwide company that specializes in educational child care. The company’s 250 schools are run by individual franchise owners who adhere to the company’s curriculum, staffing and operational standards. At the heart of Primrose Schools is its copyrighted Balanced Learning Curriculum which combines the child-directed approach espoused by Maria Montessori with the teacher-directed learning found in a traditional classroom. Incorporating current research on the brain and child development, the Balanced Curriculum guides teachers as to what they teach while encouraging creativity in how teachers meet those guidelines. Also of crucial importance to Primrose is its emphasis on character development. Concepts like friendship, generosity and honesty are as integral to the company’s curriculum as colors or shapes.

The Primrose School of Ashburn

For the Taboadas and their director, Sharon Wilensky, the corporate culture of Primrose perfectly aligns with their personal passions surrounding kids and education. The Ashburn school offers infant, toddler and preschool programs as well as full-day kindergarten and after-school care; each based on age-appropriate developmental milestones in all areas. Knowing that brain synapses are nurtured through connection, the caregivers in the infant program focus on gentle movements and tactile experiences. Toddlers learn basic sign language to facilitate and nurture the idea of communication. Older children work in literature-rich environments to strengthen communication skills and develop academic fluidity. Embedded in the curriculum are connections with physical movement, foreign languages and technology.

About the OwnerAdela and Victor Taboada

As a child, Adela Taboada, co-owner with her husband, Victor, of The Primrose School of Ashburn, loved to play school. She set up her dolls as if they were students, laying out lessons and conducting classes for them, but it took her some time to embark on her teaching career. With an undergraduate degree in computers, Taboada started her professional life in the corporate world. She continued working as she and her husband welcomed five children, but found herself frustrated by the lack of quality care for them. She wanted “a good place” for them, somewhere that nurtured both their affective and intellectual development. Instead, she found herself working with her kids at night to compensate for what they were not learning during the day. The experience rekindled Adela’s childhood passion for teaching and motivated to get her teaching degree.

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44830 Lakeview Overlook Plaza
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 724-9050

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