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Dear Posh Seven Readers,

I like stability, predictability, and following a clear plan. In March, the universe taught us in no uncertain terms that nothing in life is guaranteed, and that nothing is really as predictable as we once thought. The pandemic that we are living through made me second guess everything about myself and made me realize just how naive I was to believe that everything in life always goes as planned, only requiring the odd minor adjustment when needed. Our world can be turned upside down in a blink of an eye.

During February, when the coronavirus’s actual social and economic impact was still not fully understood, I began to worry every day about our local businesses and all the high school seniors who would miss out on the magic of graduation, a once in a lifetime moment in their lives. We decided right away to create a portal on our website to provide local entrepreneurs an opportunity to promote their businesses on our website and social media networks. We scrapped our for-profit model and instead offered our platform as a free resource to any local business that needed our help. We understood right away that only together can we get through this pandemic.

Our seniors deserve a special mention. My heart absolutely broke for them. They lost the last year at their schools, they missed their last ceremonies and couldn’t take part in long-awaited rituals. I know what it means to have things stolen from you that you thought would never be taken. So for this reason, we dedicated this issue to our graduating seniors in Loudoun County. We love you and support you and wish you continued success in your lives. We know your sacrifices will only make you stronger.

We have all lost out on many of the things we took for granted in our lives, but some have lost in ways that have left them with lifelong pain; their wounds will never fully heal. I miss seeing my friends, shopping in the mall, going to work, sending kids to school, not wearing a mask, traveling, eating out, going to the gym, volleyball tournaments, etc. Still, we must understand that while we have been significantly inconvenienced, we have in our community, people who have paid the ultimate price. I am praying for all of your good health and can’t wait to see you all soon.

To sisterhood,
Hulya Aksu
Founding Publisher
[email protected]