Red Thinking

For many local and small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been merciless and traumatizing. But the American entrepreneurial spirit is hard to kill and we want to share the inspiring stories.

Meet Red Thinking

Smart organizations hire us to help them stand out. Our ideas are purposefully big, bold and bright — and are often executed in unexpected ways. The result is head-turning branding, design, digital and strategy.

This unbounded creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It comes from living life, getting inspired by the world around us, and being completely obsessed with delivering results. We also value giving back to our community. Each year, we close down our doors and work exclusively on a marathon of pro bono projects for twenty-four hours straight. This event energizes us and helps local non-profits get the marketing collateral they need to achieve their missions.

Red Thinking was created with the mindset that we must and will always be, different. We are thinkers, not just doers.

 At first we found some of our clients just hit the pause button and didn’t know if continued marketing efforts would insult their B2B or B2C initiatives (or customers). After a week or two, we’ve seen some see the need to ramp up and be ready to hit the ground running once we are up and over this hurdle. Others see they’ve got an even bigger audience, one they can capture and start a conversation with. However, budgets are being cut or shelved. There’s the “we’ll get to that over the summer or when we know more,” conversations. It’s affected our projections 110% as we try to still navigate and remain their branding partners. We have applied for the paycheck protection program to keep things moving and not have concerns about pulling our very incredible team apart. Everyone is working together even more beautifully than we already did. The camaraderie is alive and well.

Red Thinking
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