Regal Maid Service | Sterling, VA

Meet Regal Maid Service

Regal Maid Service is a professional residential cleaning business. We have been in business since 2007. We are fully licensed, bonded & insured and have worked extremely hard to grow our business and build an exceptional reputation.

Tell us how COVID-19 has changed your business
When COVID hit the first thing people did was cancel their cleaning service as they were scared to have the ladies into the homes. We went from employing 34 people to 6-8\. Our busy days went from cleaning 40-50 homes to around 10 and on other days less than 10\. I saw the business I had built over 14 years disappear before my eyes and also felt responsible for my employees as they had families go feed and bills to pay.

What is your current status?
We are working again and slowly building out business again. We are taking all the recommend CDC guidelines and our ladies have been very conscious of taking care of each other.

Regal Maid Service

21580 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 100a
Sterling, VA, 20166