Posh Momcation: Road Trip to Hershey on a 2019 Chevy Silverado

A million years ago, when my now-husband was just a boyfriend, we went on our first road trip together. We lived in Los Angeles at the time and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Solvang, California.  When we were young and kid-free, we took weekend road trips often, and we always hopped into his truck. Sitting high on the truck, I felt safe and enjoyed the view. We threw our belongings in the back, and with a couple of sleeping bags, the truck bed became a place for us to lay and look at the stars. There was something sexy, romantic, and unique about his truck.

One thing I loved about Mike was his unpretentious nature, which seemed rare for a guy living in Los Angeles.  Men I worked with were buying sports cars, but Mike just really loved his old truck. It made me feel like he was more grounded, more self-assured somehow.

Someone wise once said,  life is about the journey, not the destination, and I remember feeling that sentiment about our trips. It was inside the truck on these road trips we shared stories and had the conversations about our backgrounds and families, and negotiated our future as we drove. Eventually, our brief weekend road-trips turned into a cross country move to Northern Virginia with an engagement ring on my finger.

Over 12 years have gone by, and that truck is long gone. Between the two of us, we’ve bought and sold cars, SUV’s, and most recently a minivan, all to accommodate our family and our changing needs. The fun cars from our early 20’s had to go to make room for more practical vehicles. I’d stopped thinking about that truck, and truthfully, I’d stopped thinking about those road trips too until a few weeks ago when our family got a last-minute opportunity to go to Hershey Park for the weekend to stay at the Hershey Lodge. This came at a perfect time for us as we have our third baby due any day now. One last vacation as a family. The four of us.

We drove a Chevy Silverado on the trip and were so excited to experience the magic of a truck again. My husband felt like he won the lottery when the shiny Silverado showed up in our driveway, and I realized my minivan looked positively minuscule next to it. Any concerns I had about not having enough space for the car seats were alleviated as soon as I looked in the backseat. There was more than enough room for the kids and ample legroom for my tall husband too. Any mom would envy how much space the Silverado provides. Imagine how much sports equipment, baby strollers, kids, and groceries will fit in this truck. Homedepot and Costco never looked this good to me having this truck’s large bed. The enhanced safety features like the surround vision made me feel safe knowing we had a birds-eye view of the areas surrounding us.

As we drove, we excitedly planned our weekend at Hershey Park. Later, when the kids dozed off. Mike and I listened to music that reminded us of when were dating and enjoyed the view from the cabin. I felt comfortable, and my husband commented on how the truck felt bigger, yet still lighter and more sporty than he remembered.

When we arrived at the beautiful Hershey Lodge, the vacation kicked off with a trip to the Waterworks indoor pool. The kids swam and played, and we enjoyed food from the Cocoa Cabana, which serves adult beverages as well. The Lodge has several restaurants to choose from, and everything was top-notch, but the Chocolate Caramel Martini was a personal fave. With character sightings, an arcade room, a putt-putt golf course, and a fire pit for smores there’s no reason to leave the resort except to go to Hershey Park!

I can’t stop pondering why my peers are spending the time and money to get to Orlando when we’ve got such a great theme park within two hours of Loudoun County. With so many rides and entertainment so close to home, we’ve already planned our next trip to Hershey. We all had a blast, and I know it was a trip my kids will always remember.

I wonder if our cars have become the new dinner table. In a culture of busy families, two working parents, shuttling kids between school and extracurriculars, it may be that our vehicles are where we can truly communicate as a family with no distractions. The road trip to Hershey Park came at a perfect time for my husband and I. Just like the first road trip; we talked, laughed, and reconnected. With opposite schedules, it’s becoming rare we drive anywhere together, and so for me, the best part of the trip indeed was the journey. It had been too long, and maybe I had forgotten; there is something special about a truck