Rosewood Management and Consulting / Millenium Management, Inc.

For many local and small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been merciless and traumatizing. But the American entrepreneurial spirit is hard to kill and we want to share the inspiring stories.

Meet Rosewood Management and Consulting / Millenium Management, Inc.

Rosewood Management and Consulting, LLC and Millenium Management, Inc., two local Homeowners Association and Condominium Association Management Companies, merged three weeks before the Governor instituted the stay at home order in response to COVID-19. This meant acting quickly to ensure the staff was prepared with appropriate technology to work at home and their clients were fully supported with the systems and services needed to guide communities through this ever-changing health environment.

Although most people are on lock-down, common areas in communities still must be maintained. Management continues to work with landscapers, maintenance staff, trash removal companies, etc. to ensure quality work with stringent safety precautions. Board of Directors and Committee meetings have been moved online. One notable benefit to this is how many more homeowners are participating — while it may not always be convenient to attend a community meeting at night, it is demonstrably easier to log on to Zoom or a conference call. We believe that this meeting platform may continue in some aspect even after social distancing rules are lifted, as homeowners and residents have shown a great deal of interest.

The company is a fully woman-owned and operated partnership. As such, the majority of employees are moms or caregivers, and need to balance tele-work with tele-school and childcare. Every employee has a work phone that can be used from home, ensuring all calls to the office are answered. All employees are using remote desktops and communications such as Microsoft Teams to guarantee office coverage. Most importantly, all employees are supporting each other and all clients with compassion and understanding as we all work together to maintain well cared for communities.

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