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Retire the cape–– you weren’t meant to be Superwoman.
–Tracey Parent

Modern motherhood is more than about staying home when your children are born. It’s about putting your career on pause, not about giving it up. I worked for a large IT company and made 6 figures. My role now is transitional. After raising my children I will return to my career.
–Jeannine Mercy

Somehow moms are in a rush to build a career whether it is necessary financially, or not. Staying home is perceived as inferiority or lack of skills.
–Funda Sinani

When you are in the workforce, you may feel very comfortable. While your job and career may be predictable, being at home maybe a challenge or a bridge too far.
–Rouba Tucker

Looking back on my childhood, I heartily appreciate that instead of expensive school clothes, my mother gave me her daily presence and loving arms as a stay-at-home mom. These are far more important and permanent than luxuries provided by a second income.
–Lauren O’Reilly

Based on ten daily functions that you’d have to pay someone else to do, the average SAHM should be earning almost $123,000 a year, according to

The modern mom must be organized, have time management skills, be able to prioritize, and hone
in on their strengths well enough to feel self fulfilled whether they generate any monetary income or not. If that job description sounds an awfully lot like something off of Careerbuilders, it should be; the modern mom deserves a college degree for all the work and skill that goes in to motherhood nowadays. So moms feel good, because being a modern mom is the best job in the world.
–Ketch Denall

I’m in awe of good mothers-those heroines all around me who sacrifice daily out of love for their children. In our society, we give motherhood plenty of lip service. We pat moms on the head, bring them flowers on Mother’s Day, and honor them before crowds. But at the end of the day, we don’t extend them the same respect we would a professor, a dentist.
–Oprah Winfrey

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.
–Mildred B. Vermon

My mom didn’t have a choice. Staying home was her only option and when we went off to college, she went through major depression because she had nothing left to do. I’m choosing to stay at  home and raise my children, but it’s temporary. I plan on returning to teaching when they are older.
–Katie Johnston

I come here as a mother; that is my primary title, mom in chief. My girls are the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about when I go to bed. When people ask me how I’m doing, I  say, ‘I’m only as good as my most sad child.’
–Michelle Obama

Maybe my 3 kids won’t be able to brag about their mom being a high powered executive, but I hope they will be proud in agreeing that I raised 3 beautiful, confident, intelligent and poised children.
–Kitty Lambert

My mom had no choice but to stay at home. That is what her generation did. When she immigrated to the US over 25 years ago, the first thing she did was to get a job. She felt liberated and free.
–Hulya Aksu

Here are our modern SAHMs in this latest issue of I AM Modern Magazine -Spring 2010:
Funda Sinani
Hillary Tattersall
Lisa Kaminsky Millar
Michelle Cantrell

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  • This issue had some of the best mom/working/stay home coverage I’ve read in recent years. The contributions from the “real” moms provided a 360 degree view without the “studies” that prove what we already know!