Seltzer Me Up

There’s a new trend bubbling up on the adult beverage scene… and we are going all in for it. Yes, ladies, hard seltzer has arrived, and it’s making all of our wishes come true. For many women, wine has typically been the drink of choice, even more so when you’re a woman living in Northern Virginia’s famed wine country. I pass five vineyards on my way to Harris Teeter. Seriously.

But even though we are #blessed to be surrounded by a ton of exceptional local wines, sometimes the day calls for a different type of drink.

I first discovered the wonder of hard seltzer this summer. It was scorching hot out, and I was at a friend’s barbeque. The thought of a glass of sugary white wine just wasn’t appealing to me, so I plucked an ice-cold can of SpikedSeltzer from the cooler.

It was their Cape Cod Cranberry flavor, and it totally hit the spot. Crisp, refreshing, and not too filling.

While hard seltzer was definitely my summer crush, I think I’ll be keeping it around in the cooler months, too. Here’s why:

It’s low in calories, sugars, and carbohydrates. It varies from brand to brand, but most 12 oz. servings of hard seltzer range from 88 (Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water) to 140 calories. It’s also low in sugar content—a factor that will decrease the likelihood of a hangover. And if you’re watching your carbs, this is the drink for you.

It’s refreshing and hydrating. Anything that’s served bubbly and cold is bound to be refreshing, but with a base of sparkling water, it’s basically like you’re hydrating while getting drunk…right? Opinions are actually mixed on that, but I’m gonna go with YES. It has to be better than my current method of staying hydrated while drinking, which is to put ice cubes in my Sauvignon blanc!

It’s inconspicuous. I saw a woman drinking a SpikedSeltzer at my town pool this summer, in spite of the fact that there is (obviously) a no alcohol policy. Yet there she was, sauntering around the pool deck with her can in hand. Did anyone stop her? No, because to the untrained eye it looked like a soda can. Brilliant! Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m advocating sneaking drinks into places where you shouldn’t. However, sitting outside on your front steps holding what looks like a soda can rather than a wine glass, while your kids are riding their bikes, might be just a tad bit more socially acceptable. It’s gluten-free. Whether you believe that sensitivity to gluten is real or just a trend, I’m sure you know at least one friend who is currently avoiding gluten. And, while not all hard seltzers are made without gluten, a handful of them are (White Claw, Truly Spiked & Sparkling, and SpikedSeltzer), making it an excellent choice to have on hand when entertaining guests.

It’s available in a variety of flavors. There’s a flavor for everyone. SpikedSeltzer comes in Indian River Grapefruit, West Indies Lime, Cape Cod Cranberry and Valencia Orange. How about the Grapefruit and Pomelo variety of Truly Spiked & Sparkling? White Claw has a variety pack with all four of its flavors (Black Cherry is my fave).

It’s portable. Store the cans in the fridge, grab one, and go. The single serving cans are ideal for tailgating or a walk around your neighborhood. Just remember to recycle when you’re done!