Seven Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy During COVID 19

Remember that all of us all over the world are in this together and that this is out of our control. We don’t have control of what may happen but we DO have control of our lives and what we do with them. Don’t permit fear to rule you but remember that fear is a natural human instinct; fear is just our brain trying to protect us from uncertainty and boredom to get the best of us. Instead concentrate on the amazing things that are to come. Believe me, we all have been in a place of fear and know how it feels. How much more reassuring to begin to plan; to take control.

This is a time to GROW and a time to trust. Have FAITH and allow the possibility to get us through an unprecedented crisis. Faith is more powerful than any other response there is. It is time to find the higher meaning of who we are and to become a leader in our community, in our family, in our lives. This principle will see us through and we will reach this wonderful world ahead.

We are resilient, we can learn, adapt and start again repeatedly. Nothing is permanent and as humans we can be resourceful and see our goal at the end of the tunnel. Follow these steps with me to take care of you and your family and to find the strength to get through this together:

1. The first thing to consider when you are protected with your family for days on end, is the overwhelming list of things that you need to do and the limited amount of time you have to do them. Suddenly, you have become a parent, a worker, a daycare specialist, a gym coach, a chef and a schoolteacher all at the same time. Now more than ever, you must balance your home-work life and build structure for you and the children that are at home complaining of no friends and with nothing to do.

2. Set a schedule for yourself and your family. Be realistic with the amount of time that things will take and don’t try to add too many new things at once. Put the schedule in a big board or in an area where everybody can see it and make sure to stick to it as much as possible. It is a new routine that will take time to get used to it.

Don’t try to break what you consider “bad habits” all at once but focus on working on one thing at a time. Be realistic with what you want to accomplish every day and do not attempt to do everything. Don’t put even more stress on yourself and the family but instead focus on creating a safe healthy environment for you and the kids.

3. Eat healthy. There is no need to rush in the morning to eat your breakfast while you are trying to get kids to school. No more rushing to prepare their lunches, your lunch and think about dinner at the same time. Sit down, enjoy every meal, make a low-key conversational time to discuss goals for the day and enjoy this time together. Remember all those recipes you ever wanted to make? The new kitchen equipment you wanted to try? Now is the time!

4. Drink water, hydrate … it is so important to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. If you are like me and don’t like water very much, add some lemon and oranges and make it more fun and tastier.

5. Take care of yourself and the family by taking a daily walk outside. If your schedule doesn’t allow the minimum of 20 minutes, then take 4 breaks of 5 minutes each. Breath the air, feel the strength of the trees, feel the nature, enjoy the beautiful sky and enjoy what is around you. Lots of gyms are offering at-home classes through their website; Golds, Peloton has great at-home workouts even if you don’t have their bike or treadmill, or just use work-out apps like

6. Use Zoom, video calls or just a regular phone call to stay close to your family and friends. Use this time to connect with people that you haven’t spoken in a while. Reach out to that friend that is on the other side of the world, that family member that you used to be super close to. Check on the elderly and the loved ones that are having a harder time than you. Now is the time to leave our differences aside and take care of everybody around us.

7. Ask for help! Do not attempt to be a superhero and save the world. Focus on yourself. Find your inner quiet time and meditate. If you don’t know how to meditate, there are great websites like Headspace, one of my favorites that will help you learn the benefits of “quiet time”. Sometimes just sitting quietly in your special place at home can change the outlook of your world. Maybe light up a nice relaxing candle, put some nice lavender oil on your diffuser and stir in the peace that already exists within you.

Most of all, remember that you are not alone, that you can make a difference by being positive, sweet and caring with everybody around you. Share a smile and practice social distancing. Let’s keep our homes and our community healthy, happy and safe! You WILL get through this!