Shaker 33

The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition

Easy to Open, Leak Proof & Smooth Pouring

Let me be honest here. I love making cocktails but hate to use the classic stainless steel shakers. I don’t even know how bartenders get all those cocktails made without a glitch when I either break a nail, or completely get the top stuck and can’t even get my drink out unless I hit or bang the shaker. I hate them. I also find that most shakers leak. When I think I am putting on my best Tom Cruise imitation in the movie Cocktail, I get my nice sticky drink all over the floor. Then mopping begins. This is supposed to be the cocktail hour not the housekeeping hour. So needless to say, when I was sent the Shaker 33, I was skeptical, until I poured my first concoction in it. No leaks. No stuck lid and so so smooth to pour out into my delicate stemware. I am in love. You can watch the video here , if you need to be convinced. Perfect Father’s Day or hostess gift. Trust me.