Starling Project Candle Collection, Our Obsession

juniper-saffron-600x600I am obsessed with candles. I am also obsessed with products made locally and support artisanal makers every chance I get. Here is what is even better, I love companies that combine all while seeing the big picture and helping globally. This month, I found just the company doing all the things I love. Starling Project Candle

Their motto, “lighting one’s home and lighting the world” with the sale of each Starling Project Candle ($55) provides solar energy – which offers access to electricity, clean water, safety, health, education, and much more – to under-resourced countries globally via the support of key philanthropic organizations including UNICEF (the brand has already donated over $100,000 to UNICEF since its launch last December).

The candles themselves, which burn for 60 hours, are hand-poured in Brooklyn and feature a custom blend of premium soy-based wax, high-quality, all-natural essential oil-based fragrances, and a modern, minimalistic and monochromatic design. The candles are available in four enticing options:

JUNIPER + SAFRONRich, deep saffron notes are paired with delicate juniper offering a deeply demure and sultry experience

Do good, smell good
Do good, smell good

(Totally gushing over this one on my desk right now) VANILLA + HEMLOCKHints of soothing, sweet vanilla are married with sharp hemlock for a smooth, unexpected finish

ORANGE FLOWER + AMBER – Velvety, warm notes of precious amber are rounded out by a light wash of uplifting orange flower

CURRANT + ROSEWOOD – Sweet tones of currant are harmoniously paired with the aromatic and clean scent of rosewood

So if you missed someone on your list this month, there is always another reason to spoil someone you love or just be kind to yourself. Buy one, I am sure you will be obsessed with these candles too.