StoneSprings Hospital Center Performs First Outpatient Knee Replacement

StoneSprings Hospital Center recently performed its first ever outpatient total knee replacement.

The surgery, which did not require an overnight or extended stay, was performed by Dr. James Reeves, orthopedic surgeon and medical director of the Total Joint Program, StoneSprings Hospital Center.
“This was a true team effort with our surgical team at StoneSprings,” said Reeves. “I am very pleased to be able to offer this procedure to the community. It is rewarding knowing you have helped improve the mobility and quality of life for a patient.”
StoneSprings Hospital offers surgical services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis for a number of conditions and is home to the Xi Robotic Training Epicenter, one of just 40 surgical teaching institutions worldwide.

According to Reeves, knee replacement surgery is the leading option for individuals who have not found relief with nonsurgical knee pain treatments, such as physical therapy or medication. The surgery is recommended for patients who experience knee pain with activity, feel knee pain while resting or sleeping, or those who have difficulty sitting, climbing stairs or bending down.

Nationwide, healthcare analysts predict total joint replacement surgeries will rise significantly in the next decade, with outpatient surgery settings increasing exponentially for knee and hip replacements. Decades ago, patients could expect to spend 10 days in the hospital following knee replacement surgery. Now, typical hospital stays for inpatient total knee replacement surgery is 1-3 days.

“We’ve seen tremendous advancement in knee replacement surgery itself, a better understanding of the medical risks associated with surgery and how to reduce those risks, along with better and more predictable anesthesia and pain control methods to improve comfort, minimize side effects, and speed recovery,” said Matt Mathias, CEO, StoneSprings Hospital. “Of course, we are also seeing younger, healthy patients undergoing knee replacement surgery too.”

StoneSprings Hospital Center, in Dulles, is a community-focused hospital committed to bringing innovation to the area and the latest standards of care.

“We are excited to usher in a new era in total knee replacement,” said Mathias. “Knowing that you can have an experienced team of providers handling your outpatient surgery, even total joint replacement, closer to home, is both a convenience and comfort to our patients.”

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