The Aviary Girls | Aldie, Va

For many local and small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been merciless and traumatizing. But the American entrepreneurial spirit is hard to kill and we want to share the inspiring stories.

Meet The Aviary Girls

The Aviary Girls offers custom home decor handmade by you or for you. We host Craft Parties (i.e. DIY Craft workshops) at local small businesses here in Loudoun where you create a one of a kind, meaningful piece while socializing and supporting a local business.

Our Craft Parties are meant to be fun, laid back, and social. Meeting new people, chatting and laughing, hands-on assistance, and bouncing creative ideas off of friends and fellow guests are the focal point of our events. Obviously, we can’t safely host our parties in person right now so we’re hosting parties on Facebook Live.  We deliver the craft supplies (DIY Craft Kits) and invite our guests to craft “with” us by joining the live stream on our Facebook page. We are working hard to keep our guests connected through crafting.

25180 Quartzite Terrace
Aldie, Va 20105