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I used to hate baby showers. In my single, kid-free 20’s I didn’t love using a part of my weekend talking about babies. A women-only party where the only thing to drink is a weak mimosa, and conversations revolve around breastfeeding and diapers? No, thank you. Now a decade and a few dress sizes later, I have three kids of my own, and baby showers have become a lot more fun. I love reconnecting with girlfriends, I love brunch, and I love dolling free parenting advice to whoever will listen. Most importantly, I love showering a dear friend how she needs to prepare for her baby.

My best friend Kristi is due next month with her first, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She has given my family and me many generous gifts over the years, and it is about time I return the favor.

I splurged a little and purchased gorgeous pillows for her nursery from Pillow Pops. Pillows are a wonderful gift, and they have a line for babies called Baby Pops Luxurious Collections. These pillows are bundled into adorable sets, arrive in lavish signature boxes with matching ribbons. I figured I’d let other friends get the diapers and baby toys; I wanted to get something for my friend to make her nursery a beautiful space that she and her son will love spending time in.

Tesalate Towel

Another item I recently came across that would be an excellent gift for any mom is the Tesalate towel. This the original sand-free beach towel. My kids call it the magical towel, and I agree. Incredibly compact, absorbent, and fast-drying Tesalate towels can go from a picnic to the beach. I have the beautiful bohemian print, and a recent trip to the beach with my kids made me realize it’s the best towel I’ve ever owned and worth every penny now if it could get my eight-month-old to stop eating sand!

Another unique gift for a new mom is BABYink from Evolved Parent. Mess-free, ink-less, and safe to use from birth, BABYink® is the perfect way to capture those unique little hand & footprints. The combination between the wipe and paper makes the print appear like magic – no messy paint or ink. It is certified non-toxic, so any mom would feel safe to use this.

It took having my kids to realize how special and fun baby showers are. I love my husband, and I love my kids, but there’s nothing better than spending time with girlfriends. Plus, our mimosas have gotten much more potent.