The Posh Mom: The Latest Baby Gear for Every Posh & Frugal Mom

– UpSpring CharcoalFusion slimming nursing tank ( First Picture) – Panda Crates by KiwiCo (Second Picture)

He’s here! Our Oops baby is here! His name is Connor, and at press time, he is sweet and sleepy. My third (and absolutely LAST) baby is in that lovely stage where he’s totally portable, will nap anywhere, and only wakes up to eat and briefly stare at me. Between my 6-year-old prima-donna with a busy schedule that would rival any New York Socialite, and my 4-year-old frat-boy who believes clothing is optional, this newborn is my easiest kid by far.

Ever notice how whenever you tell someone you just had a baby, they immediately look down at your stomach? Friends and strangers alike smile enthusiastically as they lie to my face and say, “you look great!” before even asking how I’m feeling. There’s pressure on women to “get their body back” as quickly as possible after having a baby. I personally blame Duchess Kate Middleton, who stood on the steps of the hospital just a few hours after giving birth wearing heels and a fresh blowout. Although I want to go easy on myself and take time to recover, I feel pressure to lose the baby weight. The UpSpring CharcoalFusion slimming nursing tank is a staple of my wardrobe right now as it’s the perfect garment for the post-partum body as it slims your waist and sucks your tummy and sides in. It increases circulation and raises your metabolism with its compression technology. It will be a while before I can wear sexy bras since nursing a baby means I have to strategically select clothing that allows me to whip out my boobs whenever he needs to eat, which is constantly! This nursing tank is so comfortable and layers so nicely under larger shirts and sweaters I’ve purchased several and wear them daily.

I’ve never really been into babywearing. After all, aren’t women who wear their babies also the type to co-sleep until their kids go to high school? Attachment parenting just isn’t my thing. I’m not a hippie, and I’m not a kangaroo. I’ve wondered why I would wear my baby when I can just hold him in my arms or push him in his stroller? Well, it turns out I’ve been a fool. The truth is I’ve just been intimidated, not knowing which carrier was best or how to wrap one around my body. It’s taken three babies, but I’ve finally wisened up. With some practice, I’ve been using and loving the Keababies Baby Wrap Carrier. There are excellent how-to videos on the Keababies website, so I’ve experimented with the best ways to wear him. The Premium Quality Breathable Cotton Spandex Blend keeps my baby safe and comfortable. Suited for use from newborn all the way to 35lbs, this baby wrap carrier helps you to calm and soothe baby quickly by being held close to you. No more tired arms and shoulders! You can even breastfeed conveniently while babywearing your little one. Wearing Connor means I can make dinner, run errands, and do a million other things hands-free. What took me so long to figure this out!?

My older kids are starting to have more fun with the baby, and part of the reason is the monthly Panda Crates by KiwiCo that arrive. I’ve done Stichfix, and I’ve done Trunk Club, but this is a monthly subscription box that is more valuable and brings me more joy than overpriced clothing ever could. KiwiCo is a leading subscription box for kids of all ages, and Panda Crate is the line developed especially for infants. Made in partnership with researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital, KiwiCo ensures that all the products and information delivered in each crate are ideally suited for your child’s developing brain. The first box arrived with a tummy time mirror, black and white cards to help my babies visual development, a soft swaddle blanket, and milestone cards and a pillow. It also arrives with activity cards with tips for how to use the products in your crate to promote learning and development and Wonder Magazine, which provides researchbased advice and answers to parenting questions. Prices start at $15.50/month ($31/crate) for two year’s worth of Panda Crates (12 shipments), and I believe it is money well spent. Plus, a portion of every Panda Crate purchase is donated toward child development research. Panda Crate has been an excellent way for my kids and me to bond with our new baby. This would be a wonderful gift for a new mom.

Having the two older kids in school means I’m able to enjoy baby snuggles and time alone with my newborn that I don’t think I appreciated the last two go-arounds. With my daughter, I clumsily navigated through the newborn stage with all the worry and anxiety that only a first-time mom could have. I only held my next kid to feed him and would promptly put him down so I could focus on potty training, my toddler.
This time, knowing this is my absolute last baby, I appreciate every feeding, every coo, and even every cry. And no, there will be no more surprises because my husband’s vasectomy is already scheduled. Merry Christmas to me!