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“I don’t know how you do it.” This is the statement I get from friends and family that sounds like a mix of pity for me and awe of my new family of 5. The truth is, I’m not sure how I do it either. The three kids life is BUSY. Of course, I can’t imagine our family without our new baby, and I’m loving watching him change and grow every day. With that said, can I please get a break? The sleepy newborn phase is over, and this baby now requires a bit more attention. I’ve asked girlfriends how to fill the time with a baby when it’s too cold to take walks outside, and the overwhelming response is tummy-time! Sheesh, does anyone actually enjoy tummy time? Pediatricians will tell you how important it is for a newborn to have a chance to work on his developing neck muscles but I always feel bad watching my infant son strain his head like a miniature E.T. and whimper like an animal caught in a trap. My little bundle of “only sleeps when held” would much rather be in my arms as I binge watch Netflix than struggle and drool all over the floor.

Lella Tummy Time Water Play Mat

We give ourselves treadmills with T.V. ‘s, but when it comes time for our babies to exercise, we stick them on the floor with nothing to look at but a blanket? Enter the Lella Tummy Time Water Play Mat. This is a tummy-time must-have for infants. This water play mat can be placed on any floor for baby or toddler to play and explore. I fill the colorful mat with warm water, and the vibrant, engaging background paired with the floating toys provides excellent sensory stimulation and helps with motor skills. It’s built to withstand hours upon hours of play without ever ripping or becoming damaged. It’s safe and fun water-play without the mess! My son loves it at this very moment. It gives him playtime and a break to get some work done!

Sweetie Soothers from Itzy Ritzy

When playtime is over, and it’s time for one of my baby’s many sporadic naps, I rely on Sweetie Soothers from Itzy Ritzy to soothe him to sleep. I’ve already had two thumb-sucking kids, and I much prefer these cute, durable, latex-free silicone pacifiers over unwashed hands going in his mouth. Their one-piece design features a precious accent on the handle to coordinate with baby’s outfits. Available in a twopack, these pacifiers are ideal for babies 0 months and up and are free of PVC and BPA. Dishwasher safe– on top rack only. The Sweetie Soother Pacifiers come in a variety of great colors and can be found at Target and BuyBuyBaby.

Baby Bottom Buddy from The Evolved Parent Co.

Being a mother of three means friends suddenly think I’m some parenting expert. As if because I’ve done this three times, I must know what I’m doing. I wish! It has been four years since I’ve had a newborn and I’m still learning how to balance it all. Anyone who sees me at preschool drop off wearing slippers, and yesterday’s mascara knows things are slipping through the cracks at home. Most days, I’m just trying to keep everyone alive. But when it comes to the real stuff, the baby needs I have gotten smarter – a diaper bag in each car and diaper changing supplies on each floor of our house. I can save time and don’t need to leave the baby unattended while I race around looking for diapers. Each of my diaper bags and baby stations is outfitted with the baby bottom buddy. The Baby Bottom Buddy from The Evolved Parent Co. is made from antimicrobial and BPA-free silicone so that you can use it on even the most sensitive skin. You can apply ointment, lotion, cream, and more with this useful tool. It is an all-in-one solution for applying and spreading diaper creams… a no-mess solution for parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve got the three kid thing down! Sometimes I feel like I’m just treading water. The thing that makes it worth it, though, is how smiley my new son is. He stares up at me with a toothless grin that stretches across his entire face, and it’s almost as if he knows his mother needs some feedback, some gratitude, some appreciation. Thank you, baby, I sure am trying my best!