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By the time this article goes to print I will officially be a mother of 3. I’ve spent nine months preparing myself, my house, and my family for the arrival of our surprise/oops baby. I’ve said before that babies don’t need a lot of “stuff” but my bank account sure shows otherwise. I’m running out of places to hide Amazon packages from my husband and my 6-year-old daughter is wondering why the baby owns more shoes than she does. Thankfully, the final and most important item was purchased this weekend. No, not a crib, breast pump, or fancy baby carrier; it’s a vehicle capable of transporting myself, my husband, my kids, my dog, my mother in law, and a partridge in a pear tree. With mixed emotions I traded in an SUV I loved and entered the minivan club. Do I still qualify as a cool mom? I hope so. Is a mini-van considered Posh? Don’t answer that.

With the car seat already installed awaiting my baby’s arrival I am happy I choose the Itzy Ritzy 4-1 Multi-Use Nursing Cover to serve as his car seat cover. This very cool and versatile product provides a universal fit for all infant car seats and also offers shade for on-the-go naps. This kid will join me on daily errands while his siblings are in school so I’m pleased I can also use it as a cover for shopping carts and restaurant highchairs. It is also large enough to use as a nursing cover and has fabric that’s soft and gentle on baby’s skin. I took a poll of my girlfriends and it was decided its also cute enough to leave around my neck as a stylish infinity scarf for the fall. Score!

Nothing is more important than a great diaper bag. I recently tested out and fell in love with the KeaBabies Original Diaper Bag Backpack in classic gray. It’s durable with water resistant and scratch proof fabric. It has multiple pockets and compartments with smooth easy-to-open zippers. It comes with a diaper mat and with its sleek, trendy, unisex design its a bag my husband won’t balk at being seen carrying. It is hard to believe this diaper bag comes in at just around $40 because it looks like a far more expensive bag and certainly rivals any of the other designer diaper bags you’ll see at the playground and library story time. Let the other moms spend a fortune – the Keababies bag has everything you need.

My older kids are most excited about helping me give their new brother baths. Afterall, they’ve done their research and tell me it will be awhile before the baby is “fun”. For the first few months his activities will include eating, sleeping, and crying so I look forward to nightly baths in the Baby Delight Cushy Nest Cloud as a way for the family to bond with baby. The Cushy Nest Cloud is a quite luxurious ultra-soft cushion that easily removes for drying and machine washing. It fits easily into both my sink and tub.

This fall, when if you see a frazzled woman around town in yoga pants, dark roots, and bags under her eyes trying to herd three young kids – its me! Please buy me a strong coffee and remind me to enjoy every moment with my newborn because while the days are long, the years are definitely short. I’ve done this twice before so I’m nervous about the sleepless nights ahead, but I’m grateful for one last chance to experience that new baby smell, snuggles, and sweet sounds. The best part is this time around I get to share each milestone with two older kids who are already in love with their brother. I hope this baby is ready to meet all four of us, because we have been waiting all year to meet him.