Today’s Update for Posh Seven Magazine: Session 2 The Happy Mom Project.

Hi ladies,

Hulya here with Posh Seven Magazine. I have not been very vocal lately; there is a reason. My hubby was on an almost two-week business trip leaving me behind to do everything! I mean everything. Dang, it is not easy being a woman. I want to send a shout out to any of you out there doing what you have to do regardless of having help or not. I love you, and I appreciate what you do. With that said, they say being a mom is a thankless job. I disagree. This morning, on our way to school, my 9-year-old had major sun in her eyes. She was hiding from the sun but still “DJ”ing in the car, and we were jamming to our faves from Selena Gomez (yes I did just say that… people from my earlier life would be laughing now). She looked so beautiful, and I kissed her hand. She looked at me and returned the kiss, and I melted. I don’t need a thanks. I am GOOD!

So I came in to the office; it is Session II for The Happy Mom Project. You can read about Session I here if you missed it.

I am getting ready for tonight as we speak. I am making my to-do lists and jamming in the office. I swear we will get evicted from our studio because of the volume of our speakers. Here is a sneak peek at Michael, twerking!

Looks a little staged, but this is my desk this morning. Love my shopping list: Champagne and order food. Red lipstick ready and coffee cup (was) full. That’s all that matters.


So back to tonight. Here is the agenda. Don’t miss this great night. Join us for night of networking, a lecture about helping out with homework without freaking out, candle light yoga, and Champagne!

When: March 2, 2016
Where: 44927 George Washington Blvd., Suite 120, Ashburn, VA 20147
Time: Starts at 6 and ends at 9 p.m.
What to wear: Comfortable yoga clothes
What to bring: Yoga mat
How much is it: FREE
Do I have to RSVP: Oh, yes you do. We just don’t have enough space for a 100 person Yoga class. So please ladies, be prompt and show up if you already registered or emailed us.

Topics for lecture: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out!

We are excited to have Neil McNerney speak on the topic of homework. In his 25 years working with school-age children and their parents, Neil has developed a simple approach that will increase achievement and decrease aggravation. Neil will share ideas from his book:

Homework – A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out- Help you decide when to reward and when to punish when it comes to homework

Discuss three ideas on how to give advice so it will be followed!
Share three ways to increase motivation without messing it up!

Based on proven theory and recent data on the brain, this seminar will help all parents be the best leaders they can be for their children.

Parents Have Said…
“Neil’s sense of humor, his down-to-earth nature, and especially his message, left me feeling energized and ready to try something new.”

Dress comfortable and don’t forget your yoga mat. RSVP; it is very important due to space limitations. If you do not use Facebook, email us directly if you are coming. [email protected]