Two must haves for summer 2017

It is official. We are in summer 2017. When I think of summer two things come to my mind; barbecues and mosquitos. As soon as I think of barbecues my hands start to get a burning feeling and in the case of mosquitos my legs start to get itchy. I guess I have been conditioned to feel this way. But summers don’t need to be painful and this year we are in luck. introduced Heat Shield Gloves that are Silicone BBQ Mitts and they guarantee to cover your hands and forearms from ever getting burned while barbecuing. They come in 3 sizes and I tested a pair recently with BBQ and also with my kitchen oven. I was very impressed how these Mitts kept the heat off my hands and arms. These gloves are unique in the way that air channels have been placed both inside and outside of them in order to facilitate the circulation of hot air. This minimizes the entrapment of hot air which can burn your hands. Furthermore, ridges have been added around the fingers to improve the grip of tools and also further protect your fingers from burning while handling hot utensils and racks. These gloves are well built and I recommend them for summer 2017., Heat Shield Glove, $19.90

Thermacell introduced model MR-D201 Patio Shield Halo Backyard Mosquito Repeller just in time to save my family from these blood sucking insects. Over the years, I used and tested many mosquito repellents but, so far I found Thermacell to be the most effective tool in combating them. But let’s start with the design first. The repeller is designed to look like a modern Apple device. It is shaped like a cylinder, has a band of soft light to provide lighting. It uses 4 small butane cartridges to create heat that helps repellent mats release scent free shield that protects you from mosquitos. One device protects an area of 15 by 15. I use two of them and place them on both ends of our patio table. The results are amazing. So far we have not been bitten by any mosquitos on our back yard patio. We also like the fact that the light bands around the device creates ambiance lighting under our table. I recommend them for use in summer 2017. They come in two different colors; black and white. I found them in Amazon and Home Depot for $39.99 .