Waxing the City Making Loudoun a Little Smoother

LegsNothing beats the smooth, fresh feeling that you get with waxing. Waxing the City is proud to bring the art of waxing to Ashburn with their studio in Goose Creek Village. The upscale studio has an urban ambiance that delivers a full range of waxing services for women, men, and teens. From facial to body waxes, there’s something for everyone. Schedule your visit today and get ready to look and feeling amazing!

Like we mentioned before, Waxing the City doesn’t skimp on services. Browse below to find the perfect service for you!

Facial Waxing

Facial: Brow Shaping (Wax, Trim, tweeze) – Female Facial: Men’s Facial Grooming Package Facial: Nose – Unisex
Facial: Chin – Female Facial: Men’s Maintenance Brow Facial: Sideburns – Female
Facial: Ears – Unisex Facial: Men’s Masculine Brow Tailoring Facial: Tinting: Brow – Unisex
Facial: Full Face (Excluding Brows) – Female Facial: Neck – Female Facial: Tinting: Lax – Unisex
Facial: Lip – Female Facial: Neck – Male Facial: Tween Brows (Under 18 Years)

Women’s Body Waxing

Women’s Body: Abdomen Women’s Body: Back – Half Women’s Body: Inner Backside
Women’s Body: Arms – Full Women’s Body: Bikini – Brazilian Women’s Body: Legs – Full
Women’s Body: Arms – Half Lower Women’s Body: Bikini – Basic Women’s Body: Legs – Half Lower
Women’s Body: Arms – Half Upper Women’s Body: Bikini – Modified Women’s Body: Legs – Half Upper
Women’s Body: Back – Full Women’s Body: Buttocks Women’s Body: Underarms

Men’s Body Waxing

Men’s Body: Abdomen Men’s Body: Back – Half Lower Men’s Body: Chest
Men’s Body: Arms – Full Men’s Body: Back – Half Upper Men’s Body: Inner Backside
Men’s Body: Arms – Half Lower Men’s Body: Brazilian – Basic Men’s Body: Legs – Full
Men’s Body: Arms – Half Upper Men’s Body: Brazilian – Modified Men’s Body: Legs – Half Lower
Men’s Body: Back – Full Men’s Body: Buttocks Men’s Body: Legs – Half Upper
Men’s Body: Underarms


Combo: Brow Shaping & Lip – Female Combo: Full Legs & Bikini – Female Combo: Lash & Brow Tinting – Unisex

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21020 Sycolin Rd Ste 130
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 723-4888

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